6 movies with a featured bondage star Sara Faye

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"As punishment, she strapped into a hogtie position and gagged while cyd attaches clothespins to her pubic hair. The sensation of having her bush ripped out hair by hair is exquisitely painful. She has a moment to rest beforeshe is locked into an iron wrist and neck spreader bar."

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"With Camryn, it is always good for a dominatrix to get a taste of their own medicine from time to time. She is ordered to work for the cock. A dental gag holds Camryn's mouth open. Camryn gets a charge out of her, creating some of the crap that has come out of his mouth is silenced and put to the test."

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Femdom dominatrix from Tulsa!

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Infernalrestraints picture gallery with Lavender Rayne

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"Once shes fully encased in the gibbet, PD bolts a fucking machine and vibrator onto the base. With PD controlling the fuck speed, lavender goes for a ride."

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Lorena Sanchez Videos - Free Extreme Bdsm Video!

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"An expert in several forms of martial arts, she is not used to having control taken away from her...but once the ropes go on, she becomes anyone's bitch and submits beautifully."

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Picture bondage stories from the Belleville dungeon

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Bondage and discipline tips from Cornwall

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