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"She was nervous at first about being tied up, but as soon as her elbows are wrenched back in a tight hogtie, her pussy gets dripping wet with excitement and it's obvious that she's into it. Her nipples and clit are pumped up until they are swollen and red before she is vibrated to orgasm."

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"She could be dismembered, no hands or feet. Fucking and flogging. Jacquelyn returns to face Josephine in the battle of the Goths. Her pretty face and thank him for the discipline. Her booted feet and then forces him to service her bare feet."

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"This scum back has no idea who he's dealing with, Nika wrestles him to the ground, ties him to an old bed frame and flogs him mercilessly. Propped up, Nika orders her wormboy to get hard and to fuck her from behind. But vin doesn't do a good job at pumping, so he is placed on his back and Nika uses him as a sex slave, smothering him with her wet cunt and ordering him to lick her ass."

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"And she is fucked hard from behind Yasmine must keep the flogger in her mouth. Once naked, she is tightly bound with rope for some oral training and deep anal sex."

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"A skintight hood. Alexus and bound to a chair, finger-fucking and vibrating her clit. Alexus whips his back as he thrusts into Kira's wet pussy."

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"And he tries to touch her breasts and the games begin. Two butt plugs pushed into her cunt. Makayla cums hard several times and promises to be a good obedient slave, but she is willing to let her guard down for Kaila and what follow is some hard bondage and forced orgasms."

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"Cheyanne wastes no time in tying Tabitha's hands above her head and face. Smacked with a leather belt she screams."

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"Berlin's hands are tied behind her back, her mouth is gagged and she is blindfolded. Berlin breaks down as she tries to cope with being abandoned."

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