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Both of these artist have greatly influenced PD. Piglets devotion to the shoot was incomparable; once she was in, she did not flag, give up, or waiver in her determination to please.

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"It seems that beautiful, German Katja is unable to focus in class and needs some discipline to help her earn an A. What starts as a simple OTK spanking soon turns into deep throat training."

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"It isn't the bondage or the punishment that breaks her, it is the never ending attack of orgasms that make Yasmine my bitch."

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He fails to orgasm before her she shackles him to the ceiling, and a leather cord it used to tie up his cock and balls are mercilessly bound to the toilet seat and left alone. An experience in female domination like no other. Johanna to a pole and her knees out to the very disobedient Serenity and shocks us all!

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"With her innocent looks and athletic figure no one would ever suspect that this girl likes her sex to be rough, bound and with impact play like caning and flogging."

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One memory from this shoot stands out in particular. Alexa was wrapped so tight as to be completely immobilized in a latex cocoon. Her muscles started shaking and her eyes went back and forth, back and forth like a wide-eyed cat cookoo clock from some silent 1950's black and white anima

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