Chantasbitches movie gallery with Audrey Leigh

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Because like so many "girl's next door" she has fantasies, she has desires...and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more.

6 movies of Stacey Stax

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"cyd allows her a brief bit of relief with a vibrator before taking up the cane to torment her stretched nipples, feet and ass. Finally, cyd inserts an asshook and rams her cunt with a dildo so hard she nearly heaves off the edge of the box."

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Femdom boot worship here

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"Karissa, forced orgasms, anal electro-play, flogging and rough strap-on sex. She adds to the brew. A deep-throat blow job while in a painful kneeling position. The bondage is simple, just a chain around her neck. To be used, bound and fucked so I give it to her hard in every set."

6 movies with Jade Marx

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"Strapped and chained into a squat, Jade's thighs burn, the balls of her feet are in agony as they strain in her high heels. Cyd gives her aching body a quick taste of relief."

What do you think about bdsm latex dominatrix?

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Femdom video gallery with Rozen DeBowe

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The cattle prod, a harsh flogging and some nasty tit slapping begin the session. In cross-legged bondage Rozen's cunt is electrified and she takes it all the way to 99. Chanta Rose sits on her face and orders the little slut to lick ass. Rozen starts to lose her footing from the multiple orgasms but the tight bondage holds her at perfect height for a good hard fucking.

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Candi Summers - bondage slave site

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"So Candi oh so slowly kneels and does a mouth job. He teaches her not to flinch as he smacks her with a riding crop. Keep your eyes on me, PD tells her, but its hard for her, the flogging and the whipping. She begs to be whipped to get the vibrator off her clit."

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