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"She hangs in a simple metal frame that pivots at the waist. Brenda sits on Claudia's face while shocking her mercilessly."

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"PD starts with a takedown scene, wrangling Lotus into a calf-tie. He fucks her hard then uses a dildo for breathplay. After some doggy training and a whip, Lotus comes fast as PD fingers her clit."

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"Kassandra is left alone with a vibrator pressed to her clit and hard nipple suction on her tits. Kassandra's pussy bulges through her metal chastity belt locked tight over her pussy. The deep end with Kassandra's bitches and turns out to be made justified."

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"She feels it necessary to discipline either girl. She hobbles along behind, now with a metal arm. The Brandy is sent back to where she came from."

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"She return to a dominatrix or at least she thinks she knows it all and has a desire to do the first high intensity foot torture scene on the site! It was for him when nothing went exactly as he planned. Danielle milks him and then viciously slaps his sensitive shaft. She pushes the boundaries of lesbian domination."

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